Hush Money Music

LA’s Favorite Recording Studio

Hush Money Music serves artists and producers looking for a creative space to connect and create music.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, we offer comfortable workspaces paired with modern studio designs. Our studios are equipped with professional gear, acoustically treated walls and vocal booths, and customizable lighting to create an atmosphere that inspires your creative energy.

Our talented team of music professionals strive for the highest quality of service – ensuring that your time with us is productive and focused on your goals.


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Honestly, I’ve been to huge studios around the city and this is by far my favorite studio. It’s got everything you need, especially if you want to just lock in and work without worrying about feeling rushed, or surrounded by extra things that aren’t necessary. The staff is SUPER cool and they make you feel welcome. For sure the go to from now on.

– Trevor Daniel


If you are looking for a professional space with ambiance this is where it’s at. They have everything you need to create a hit here. This is the next level you are looking for. Hush money music is a quality studio with that music family vibe.

– Annabelle

This place is really clean and spacious. It’s very comfortable and the vibe is really nice and safe. I would highly recommend coming here, and I am definitely coming here again!!

– Spacekitten Ru